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At NORRIQ Financial Services, we are passionate about transforming financial services and creating lasting impact. Specializing in the financial services industry, our dedicated team of 80 experienced consultants is the backbone of our success. Our approach is based on building long-term partnerships rooted in trust and innovation.

Part of NORRIQ Group

NORRIQ is a consultancy and technology house established in Denmark in 2007. From the start, our ambition was to establish a company that perfectly matched our customers needs. What drives us is the dedication to take full responsibility for digitizing a business across the entire value chain. To do this, we built a skilled team of transformational consultants, all driven by the passion to meet our customer’s business potential through technology and digital transformation.  

In 2023 we added NORRIQ Financial Services to our offering, to deliver exceptional service for banking and insurance companies from strategy to seamless implementation. Our passionate team with deep market expertise is always at the forefront of the industry.

NORRIQ group transformational consultants

Organised around your needs

  • Industry Knowledge | Focus on critical areas in Financial Services
  • Excellence | eagerness of young ambitious consultants, combined with senior experience in the delivery team
  • Client intimacy | Trustworthy relationship with our clients
  • Simplicity | Pragmatic approach to respond to your needs
  • Human-centric | Considering the perspectives of clients & employees
NORRIQ transformational consultants collaborating

A pragmatic approach

Agile bubble_chart

Providing flexibility for our clients and learning opportunities for our team

Collaborative supervised_user_circle

Collaborating with your teams through multiple roles

Knowledge sharing cloud_done

Building shared intellingence and keeping the new acquired knowledge inside your organisation.

Outside in perspective credit_card

Your employees benefit from the experience and outside perspective from our consultants team

Flexibility account_circle

Keeping the outcome flexible to cope with evolving demand.

Mission & Vision

Enabling growth

Based on NORRIQ's deep industry knowledge and 360˚ service concept, NORRIQ delivers efficient, integrated and standardized solutions that are easy to implement and simplify the everyday life of our customers.

Innovative business IT

NORRIQ will remain at the forefront of the business IT revolution and committed to supporting clients in financial services and other industries, leveraging the Microsoft Platform. NORRIQ remains committed to creating optimal conditions for individuals and businesses to achieve their goals.

Financial services

To position our customers for success the 5 essential areas of expertise we focus on are financial security, data & analytics, digital transformation, lending & invest and finance & risk.

Below our logo it says "Your Business - Simplified"

These are three words we do not take lightly. They always remind us that our business is about your business. And that we must always strive for the simple and uncomplicated rather than the complex and cumbersome in the solutions we develop for our customers.


Management Team

Bernard Ghigny

Bernard Ghigny

Managing Director

Philippe Desombere

Philippe Desombere

Managing Director and COO

Ben Decraemere

Ben Decraemere

Managing Director

Jonas Roedolf

Jonas Roedolf

Managing Director

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